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Zoo in the Mecsek Mountains

A Zoo is operating on the southern side of Mecsek, above the city of Pécs. It's old, buildings will be demolished, and a whole new architectural concept will define the scene. Designed by Peter Koch and his co-workers.

On the front facade of the main building I would have liked to show the chalk formation of Mecsek Hills. We can get to the main entrance of Ángyán János Street using a serpentine path from the inner city. On this path we can see the layers of the different crusted rocks, which are the main component of the Hills. The monitoring and visualization of this formation is the root of the design concept.

The form, which has broken but geometric constructions, secretly would like to be organic architecture as well; and break with minimal art, which is in demand nowadays.

The organic architecture of Pécs has a meaningful history. With the form of the building I wanted to remember this architecture, but I used a different form and style.

It is not easy to hide the building within the environment because of the size and mass of the building. We can diminish the significant facade height by sinking the building into the ground and also by the rock-like appearance. The back of the building is on ground-level. The top of the building is a green roof. We try to make the building 'disappear' with the bleachers, seal pool, atrium and with other functions for use. The articulated form of the building is more rational inside, because we have to post the aquarium-terrarium inside the building. The attraction is that you can see the apes when you arrive into the building through a huge glass wall. The rows of illuminated sea aquariums are design elements as well, in the foreground.

Peter Koch
Lead designer

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