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Zoo Hotel Pangea at Nyíregyháza-Sóstófürdő

The Nyíregyháza Zoo has needed a multifunctional Eco-Centre and hotel for a long time. The appearance, the spirit of the building, as well as the use of materials fit into the green environment of the zoo and the atmosphere of Sóstó, providing comfortable and unique conference rooms and accommodation to the large number of zoo experts and guests visiting the animal park.

The external appearance of the building reflects its location in Blaha Lujza Promenade, as well. The surrounding scenery includes the Blaha Lujza Promenade lined with trees on both sides, the water surface of Lake Sóstó, as well as fishing and bathing platforms built on the lake. These motifs are also represented on the street front of the building. The columns supporting the balconies appear as tree trunks, the balconies appear as independent platforms and the glistening glass curtain wall closing the inner space resembles the surface of the water. The facade is also covered with durable woodgrain gres boards with eco-effect, which convey monumental and elegant appearance.

The outdoor terrace and the treated green surfaces of the rest areas, walking trails, a playground and a sports ground provide the intensely green connection between the public spaces and the rich vegetation of the inner area of the zoo. The ecological, organic appearance of the building and its integration into the built environment are due to the fact that it is in harmony with the natural environment in the street and the inner garden. In the internal spaces of the building, the visual world based on the fundamental concept is perceptible everywhere. Coarse, natural plastered surfaces, wooden and woodgrain surfaces prevail in all public areas, rooms and passages. In the rooms, the use of materials is also limited to wood and coarse, organic surfaces. In addition to creating functional, comfortable and nice room units, the same natural approach and use of materials appear everywhere, connecting all the spaces and raising them to the same ideal level.

All the rooms are unique and thematic, as they focus on a specific animal. The hanging corridors in front of the rooms encompass a four-storey high atrium covered by a glass roof. In this space, a tree motif starting from the lobby on the ground floor is creeping up towards the ceiling, providing extensive information on the life of plants and animals living in ecological zones at given heights for the guests of the hotel in different forms on each floor.
On the whole, our goal is to establish a building complex that represents the themes presented in the famous Nyíregyháza Zoo and creates harmony between the natural and the built environment. The complex would provide comfortable high quality accommodation, the possibility of recreation and learning for the guests, and it would also serve as a venue for high-level, professionally organised zoo gatherings, conferences and external meetings.


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