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Youth center at Orczy-tér

The aim of Kristóf Tihanyi's thesis project is to alleviate the social problems of the Orczy-district in Józsefváros, one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Budapest. 

The residents of this neighbourhood often live in dire conditions and they do not have access to quality community spaces.

the Youth center by night

This situation has negative effects on the local youth. Without the proper recreational and study spaces they have little chance to keep up in school. I chose a large empty plot on Diószegi street to introduce a community park. Comprised of a green strip for relaxation and a paved area for more intensive activities, it also contains a pavilion-like building serving as a youth centre. Its translucent polycarbonate shell, and the fluid inner space encourages exploration, and involvement in the workshops, informative community programmes and sports activities provided. The service functions include showers not just to complement the sports facilities but for those who do not have access to hot water at home.

Kristóf Tihanyi

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