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Where the building blocks are born – Lego Factory

Since August 2014, one of the largest LEGO factories of Europe is operated near Nyíregyháza, on an approximately sixty hectare site. The architecturally remarkable complex was built by the design of Marina Annus, Gábor Horváth and their associates (CÉH Zrt.).

 LEGO Manufacturing Kft. commissioned the CÉH architect office with the design of a new type of factory that is adjusted to the changing production conditions, can follow the needs of the world market, is cost-effective, can be built and extended in a modular system and which is energy saving. Important objectives were flexibility and modularity, and to make the building able to follow changing needs.

The investor’s demand was also to promote the use of recycled materials by taking into consideration the criteria of the LEED rating system. During the design, the request of the investor was to enable the safe factory visit for children and other guest groups. Currently, the visitors can observe almost the entire process of production and packing. A modern plant was created during the implementation: there are no light switches and classic thermostats in the rooms, instead, state of the art presence sensors were installed in the rooms, the light is switched on automatically and the ventilation starts as required, then it switches off when people leave the room. In addition, the largest high-bay warehouse of Hungary was also erected on the site with the height of 36.6 m and the total capacity of 1,500 trucks (81,000 pallets of LEGO).

The most important element of the facility is the T-shaped two-storey high central corridor since the major elements of production are arranged along this space.


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