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Where it will be worth to rest/stop - design of a pair of motels to the Mosoni rest area of M1 highway

Ákos Bockó and his associates prepared the plans of two motel buildings to both sides of the Mosoni rest area of M1 highway in an attractive and energy efficient way good enough for the vicinity of the western border. The architectural concept was awarded with honorable mention in the competition of 'Metal Sheet Cladding in Architecture 2012'. The functional program contained the design of two 2 star motel buildings with 60 rooms where all rooms larger than 17 m2 had to be served with lavatory and toilet, and the houses had to be installed with proper acoustic protection. It was a requirement to place to the ground floor a reception with own social block and appropriate view to the parking cars, just like a kitchen block for preparing breakfast and a restaurant of the necessary size were also arranged on this floor. Three factors played the main role in the settlement of the buildings: the first was to put the buildings on legs due to the terrain features, the second was to provide appropriate acoustic protection to the rooms and the third was to ensure the safe and controllable parking of the motel guests' cars.

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