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The project of the NOKIA Skypark Office Centre is the most prominent lease transaction since the crisis, and the biggest office built by ZDA Zoboki Építésziroda [Zoboki's Architecture Office]. 

The Nokia Skypark office block is actually a wreath-like architecture of four storeys surrounding two highrises, which form the very heart of this development. This dual character has the potential to mediate towards the lower development context of its neighborhood. However, it does not subject the mass to the overwhelming block houses of the background. 

The elegance of Nokia lies in this highly sculpturesque solution: the sweeping dynamics of the bodywork parapets of the storeys delicately refer to the cornices of historic architecture. To be more precise, it is modeled after the free-standing chateau design originating from France, which features projecting wings organized around a cour d’honneur. 

The house itself has a floor area of 25,000 square meters and visually communicates with a complex environment of modest size and scale. The ground floor part of the courtile of the Nokia building houses a café doubling as a restaurant. The latter is joined to the old streets running appr. 2 meters deeper via an arcaded passage. In the direction of the colonnaded arcades from the promenade, there is the entrance to a kindergarten. A total of 16 lifts facilitate quick communication inside the office block, exterior shades on the southern side enhance the achievements of BREEAM-rates of the structure which houses unique research-laboratory functions as well as several offices with floor areas as large as 500 square metres that all meet the criteria of energy consumption and climatic conditions with mixed functions. Each component is sustainable and designed according to environment-conscious principles. All in all, the new headquarters of Nokia located in Corvin district is a prominent, characteristic phenomenon embodying future advances, which is also a center for research work of 5G technology projected for the year 2020.




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