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A sky full of stars - Csillagda at Hortobágy

In his diploma, Tamás Kiss planned a star observatory at Hortobágy which can be used both for family weekends and intense observation. The young architect received Borsos József doploma award by The Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Architecture for this strong geometrical observatory. 

The Hangvilla

Hangvilla is a multi-functional community and performance venue which opened in the city of Veszprem in late 2013. Appropriately, in Hungarian 'Hangvilla' means both "tuning fork" and "villa, or house, of sound".  

House, Forest and the Photographer

In Hungary it is less typical to use wood as the dominant material in the construction of a detached house which is intended to be a permanent home. In case of the house designed by Bence Turányi architect and T2a Office the scenic environment required a wooden house, fitting in the forest.