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New panorama in Galyatető

Csaba Kovács and his young colleague, Áron Vass-Eysen planned the renovation of the lookout tower, which is currently the highest standing observation tower in the country. The project is another gem matching into the series of NartArchitects XXS architecture, located at the top of the...

A sky full of stars - Csillagda at Hortobágy

In his diploma, Tamás Kiss planned a star observatory at Hortobágy which can be used both for family weekends and intense observation. The young architect received Borsos József doploma award by The Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Architecture for this strong geometrical observatory. 

The Hangvilla

Hangvilla is a multi-functional community and performance venue which opened in the city of Veszprem in late 2013. Appropriately, in Hungarian 'Hangvilla' means both "tuning fork" and "villa, or house, of sound".