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Vanished, But Not Forgotten

The diploma-work of Luca Rádler builds on the real longing for a once popular thermal bath in Lepence. Ever since it closed 10 years ago, the locals have been preoccupied with its reopening, which should not come as a surprise, as its easily accessible location, perfect view and, most importantly, the healing powers of the medical thermal water make for an outstanding opportunity.

The basic idea of the plan is based on real needs. The Lepence Bath has closed the doors for visitors for more than ten years, but the question of a reopening has since occupied the old guests and the local government of Visegrád. The specialty of the Lepence valley, which is the source of medicinal thermal water, the landscape and the forests environment, the Danube panorama and the hub of the main road, are the features that make the area unique, and in the Danube Bend region, there is not such a valuable, so favorable positioning area.

Panorama, sauna - architect: Luca Rádler


"... The desire for the rejuvenation of the Lepence beach has long been in the heart of the people living in Visegrád, and former bathers miss the world of the unique, thermal water beach, which would only increase its quality if it was developed to meet the needs of today. "

"... The beach closed in 2008, it was only seasonal, but the outstandingly favorable conditions and good location of the well-known and popular thermal bath and environment of the Danube-Bend make it possible and desirable for the more economical, year-round operation, and it is necessary to revitalize the bath complexly. "

"There is currently no traditional beach/bath in the town, the spa service can only be accessed by tourists in the wellness areas of local hotels."

(Quotations: An analysis of the alternatives on reopening the Lepence Baths: Visegrad News April 2017)

Bird's eve view - architect: Luca Rádler




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