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Urban Artist's Colony – Hungarian success at Opengap international competition

In summer 2010, the Spanish architect network of Opengap announced an international ideas competition with the title 'm_ART competition, market for arts and crafts'. The third prize and the three mentioned plans were chosen out of 95 applications, in a four-stage jury process. The work of atelier architects, the only Hungarian applicants, was awarded with mention. The subject of the competition was to create a future market with handcraft values at a fictional site. The concept was based on a market which can organize a community, inspire activity, reflects spontaneity and logic all at the same time. The artist's colony is an inserted structure that can be placed in empty plots, rust belts, and abandoned urban spaces. The basic unit is a folded 'trunk' that can be used as a module. It symbolizes commerce and travel too; and can create the atmosphere of traditional markets. There are five modules of different sizes and shapes and by rotating, reflecting, turning, and furnishing them differently the market can be adapted to any kind of environment. These modules also function as workshops and bring not only artists closer to customers but also artists closer to each other.

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