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This plan is a fiction. A serious fiction for a country which has lost its faith in everything. Although the economic crisis proved that the hedonistic way of living has come to a dead end we keep on wasting our resources. My design tries to reveal this attitude by making the invisible visible - says Barcza Gergely about the non-standard project.


The site, Mezőkövesd is a rather quiet provincial city in the hungarian lowland mainly known for its world famous „matyó” embroidery. But besides this, the city could have played a key role in an atomic war between the east and west during the cold war era. Its base served as a supplying spare airport of the Warsaw Pact opened in the eraly 1950s and operated until the mid 1980s. In case of a war conflict Soviet nuclear long-distance bombers could have settled here, therefore it was featured as a top-secret military base. During the construction works the detailed plans were smuggled to the west, thus it was never completed. Only the 3500m long and 80m wide main runway was finished. The sky became busy twice a year, when the Soviet troops changed, and it was also popular among the hungarian military officers who wanted to avoid the custom control of Budapest airport. Today it’s the property of local government but left abandoned.

Since the airport was never really used its realization wasted a lot of energy, material and money. Its 1m thick strip contains almost half a million cubic meter concrete. My design is a reusing fantasy of this invisible monument. This shocking mass of waste could form a 75m x 75m x 75m solid concrete cube which could give new identity to the region. Visitors could enter the CUBE which could dominate the horizon of the hungarian plain and as a giant Rubik cube might become a new icon of the country.

List of used materials:
control tower renovation: brick, roof tile, corrugated steel sheet, glass, plasterboard, plywood, plaster, paint
cube: existing 5mx5mx1m concrete blocks of the runway, stainless steel joints


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