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Under a green roof

The body of the building consists of two cuboids placed upon each other, connected by interior staircases at the centre point, and a two-level high external conservatory. The community places are located in the ground-floor block; the private rooms and the mechanical part are in the floor areas set at an angle.

Due to energy optimization, only the living spaces are within the insulated shell while the conservatory and the parking place are outside the shell. The conservatory and southern glass surfaces of the living room are equipped with shading: electrically-controlled external shuttering. The parking place is open, established so that the first floor of the building covers it; however, later it can be converted into a closed one by an assembled shell when needed.

The building is of flat roof construction with an extensive green roof. Above the ground floor section there is a roof-garden, and the solar collectors are situated above this floor level.

Building details

Building structure

The attic walls are made with masonry units, thickness 30 cm, type Ytong P2, with heat insulation of 20 cm (Uwall=0.157 W/m2K). The ceilings are monolithic plates from reinforced concrete, with heat insulation of 20 cm on the roof and in the floor laid on the ground (Uroof=0.192 W/m2K, Ufloor=0.15 W/m2K).

The windows and doors on the façade are wood-and-aluminium structures type Internorm, Uwindow=0.63 W/m2K, Usliding door=0.67 W/m2K.

Mechanical part: sanitary hot water is provided by solar collectors on the roof; in the building a ventilation system with heat recovery is installed.

Heated surface: 169.11 m2, gross surface: 227.41 m2.
Energy class: A+ (23.8 %). Aggregated energy factor: 47.306 kWh/m2 p.a.


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