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Uncluttered, but homely house in Pesthidegkút

The project of Csaba Kovács [Nartarchitects' founder] is a beautifully executed home for his own use. The structural framework fits right into the plot, while there is enough space to accommodate every need of his family.

When it comes to the house of an architect, people tend to search for signs of personal confessions, statements or an ars poetica, however, in this case, there are no overcomplications, only simple and creative solutions to problems, preferably suiting both the client and the architect.During the designing

During the designing period, the architect used most of the given components, such as the foundations, materials and the scale of the previous house located on the site.

As the foundation and main structural walls of the existing, extendable and convertible house represent a significant technical and also a financial value, they became the base of the new building’s mass and location.

The plastered white mass of the new building expresses its autonomy without any aggression towards the garden, the neighboring houses, and the street, but it does not dissociate itself from them.

The simple appearance, the large glass surfaces placed on the south side facade - which are matching perfectly with the demands of the inner spaces - are the components that define the main character of the house.

The low inclination of the metal plate covered roof that is adapted to the needs of upstairs rooms is also a major part of the looks.

As for the use of materials, the plastered surface dominates, which is only broken by the contrasting lines of the windows and the tinplate structures. The colored glass of the French balcony raises the color of the rooms behind them, making it possible for the individual needs of the residents to appear on the façade.

For designing the appearance of the building, simplicity, clarity, and legibility were the main principles. The intent of modest, but friendly modernity designed the details, and the goal of the architects was to create the symbiosis of modern sustainability and humane space organization.

Csaba Kovács



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