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Two in one house

The family-house is situated in the Buda hillside area where traditional, 19th-century upper-middle-class and „Swiss-type” villas can be found, overtaken by the offspring of bygone architectural trends. In this context the architect has to find the right answer: whether to think contemporary, traditional, or the well-balanced in-between. Földes Architects opted for the latter direction.

Indeed, the building is a conjoining couple: almost 350 m2 altogether under two compact pitched-roof structures, with an intermediary volume between the two. The offset position of the two wings on the sloping terrain produces a dynamic effect. It houses a cleverly reasoned and practical arrangement of private and public spaces for three generations.

From the street you enter the smaller wing on the second floor, cleverly arranged around the integrated garage. A passage leads to the second-floor level of the larger wing, where you find the master bedroom and the children’s zone. Stairs bring you down to the ground-floor: the dining- and living-room communicate perfectly with the garden through a varied composition of doors and windows looking out onto the great oak trees beyond.

In this well-proportioned complex everyone can find their own corner – but at the same time its spaces help to bring the family together, a notable virtue of the design. Földes Architects have managed to create a contemporary house, yet one that fully understands and integrates into its traditional environment.

Ridley Mária

Kate McAleer


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