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TPA laboratory and office building

The new building of Strabag, the TPA laboratory serves both concrete and asphalt lab as well as an office - all arranged on two levels. The new building was planned by the Óbuda Építész Studio led by Krisztián Olbert

TPA is the materials technology competence centre for asphalt, concrete earthworks and geotechnical engineering within Strabag. In a TPA laboratory asphalt and concrete initial tests are executed.

This new TPA building is located on the plot of an existing concrete and asphalt mixer plant at Illatos Road in the 9th district in Budapest. The design program, the exact location and the office furniture were defined by Strabag however the definition of the outside and inside character was the designer’s task. The building has two main function: asphalt - concrete laboratory and an office unit.

TPA laboratory - architect: Krisztián Olbert - photo: Zsolt Batár

The main entrance is accessible across a concrete bridge and an opened-covered area limited by a glass wall with a pixelised TPA logo. From the main entrance we can enter in the staircase - the spirit of the building - with its white colored walls and dark grey colored prefabricated stairs referring to the function of the building.

The laboratory is located on the ground floor with the additional rooms and the office area with a meeting room and a terrace on the 1st floor. The outside pixelised glass design continues in the staircase area with an abstract TPA logo on a simple glass wall.

TPA laboratory - architect: Krisztián Olbert - photo: Zsolt Batár

Using these pure design elements detailed above and using spacious kitchens with large openings and glass walls the basic concept was to provide a non-standard environment despite of the profane pgrogram, scale and location.

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