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„Town under the Castle” – concept for development of the cave-system in the Castle Hill

In the Castle Hill of Buda, many cavities, caves, winding archways and former bunkers can be found; just a fragment of them are mapped. These cavities with natural origin are constantly extended and joined each other, using them for wine storage and refuge. After the desolation of the wineyards, the cavities carved into marl and limestone had mapped again and built up bunkers just from the 1930’s. Nowadays, most of the problems are caused by the bad condition, the leaking water, the lack of maintenance, lighting, ventilation and proper usage. Balazs Szabó and Géza Hajnal PhD made a historical review, a detailed survey and comprehensive concept for developing and reusing these spacious underground system which could be an uniqe attraction as a multifunctional but a solid system with many entrances and exits threaded on a dinkey line. The engineers envisaged for example historical, archeological and geological exhibitions, wine museums, music clubs, restaurants, cafés and event halls in the various cavities and spaces.

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