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plans of buildings and complexes for tourism, accommodation, hospitality and entertainment purposes

Kis-Balaton Visitor Center

In addition to the exhibition presenting the flora and fauna of Lake Kis-Balaton, Narmer Stúdió designed a Visitor Center, primarily to serve the tourists visiting the place in a really large number. According to the concept of Zsolt Vasáros DLA senior architect, a building may be implemented...

Aquaticum Bath, ideas competition

The character of the Bath in Nagyerdő is provided by the natural environment and the proximity of cultural and sports facilities organized around it in recent years. In their plan, Roeleveld-Sikkes Architects created a spa complex that strengthen and exploit the local endowments, and offers a...

Zigzagged lines at Normafa

Designing the Normafa pavilions, 5 young architect chose a natural material for the structure and the facade as well, the pavilions would be wooden houses. They tried to keep a traditional line as everyone use to it over there, because it has a special mood, and it is keep the houses close to...

Hotel deep in the forest

Róbert Gál, Kristóf Attila Juhász and László Mikó won the 3rd price with their plan on the Hotel Sóstó tender. The architects' aim was to protect the forest and that's why they pulled back the building and the open-air bath. The concept was a building that behaves as a tree.