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Törökbálint new Town Hall architectural competition - plan by the SAGRA Architects

The Council of Törökbálint had a two-round tender for planning the new town hall and environment disputes. We intruduce you the plan awarded with the second prize and was designed by the SAGRA Architects led by Gábor Sajtos.

Clearity, transparency, openness, to be ment in principle and in exercises. The community play a principle part. 

The characteristic, modern Town Hall is rooted in tradition, but fulfills the contemorary requirements. The building is an individual object, clear, transparent and open to its environment. The Town Hall buildings architecture communicates transparency and sevice providing function of the local municipallity, it has a clear message to the local people. This building creates a fully functional, clear built environment.

street view - Törökbálint new Town Hall - architect: SAGRA Studio

The design and siting offer active communication with the buildings users and its built environment. The public space plays an important rule in our design, it came to life obviously and naturally. The „cloister” recites the ancient Agora, it runs around the public square in front of the town hall. The „tower” of the Munkácsy street building volume is a moderate symbol.

northwest facade - Törökbálint new Town Hall - architect: SAGRA Studio

The building follows the site levels, we adapted the building to the slope.
The used materials are both traditional and contemporary, the buildings appearance avoids unnecessary decorative elements, reflects function and architectural quailty.

The SAGRA Architects


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