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Tin Event Hall at the End of the Garden

Zsolt Buday (The Alchemist) has created an airy, somewhat theatrical event tent, which is the perfect balance between a temporary and a permanent structure. 

The Békeffy mansion in Polány, which is operating as a guest house now, was built at the end of the 1800s. The current owners of the building requested the Alchemists Architecture and Interior Design Studio to design a pavilion for the mansion where they could host weddings and other large events. The design task was to create a multifunctional building in the Békeffy mansion park in Polány, which provides opportunities for weddings and other programs.

When designing, it was important to visualize the mansion and its surroundings, and not to disturb the original look of the garden, and last but not least avoid blocking too much green from the landscape.

Babérliget Event Hall - architect: Zsolt Buday - photo: Reni Török-Bognár


The pavilion is a mansard form that creates a stiffened fixed tent form on the ground, inspired by Philippe Starck designer’s work, a pool-bar building at the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires. The building was constructed with a traditional, prefabricated wooden structure, its outer covering is a noble patinated titan zinc sheet with an orthogon standing seam. On the side walls it is designed with curved zinc sheets and openings strengthens the theatricality. The roof structure has a hidden drainage system.

The building itself is an elegant and dynamic mixture of a garden pavilion and a temporary tent. It has a central situation in the garden facing the pool.

Babérliget Event Hall, interior - architect: Zsolt Buday - photo: Leiner Photo - András Leiner


Due to its design and the open side walls the pavilion functions as a transitional space. Transparency and light-shadow relations give a special atmosphere to the space. The zinc structure harmonizes with the white painted wooden construction of the interior and features an airy look to the building.



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