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The diploma-work of Lilla Zurai is a knowledge center for the natural sciences, in which each auditorium and room reflects its function. The aim of the architect student was to design an inviting place whose connection to learning is not only functional but essential.

My diploma-work is about a contemporary knowledge and science education center located in Jászberény.

The location I chose for the center seemed to be the most appropriate one because it is located on the banks of the Zagyva River. It is one of the main elements’ symbols that determine the idea behind the building.

I wanted to create an educational center which has the option to organise faculties, school competitions, summer schools, various camps, exhibitions, open conversations, researchers' night beside the general everyday lectures. This educational center is open on school breaks for every student who is interested in deepening their knowledge in the essence of the universe.

Water auditorium, inner space - architect: Lilla Zurai


The structure of the different layouts is simple. Visitors can walk through the imposing forecourt to enter the spacious lobby, which only contains a single service area. There are three auditoriums in the center where the students can study the earth, the water and sky. The education of the natural sciences could be thematically separated in these rooms. It was important for me to find the proper design and the right location for the auditoriums within the building site.

I have been looking for architectural and interior design solutions that could help me to present the mood and the significance of the different rooms.

Lilla Zurai


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