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The winner plan of the Health-care house of Mogyoród

Róbert Gál and Kristóf Attila Juhász believe in the healing force of harmonic atosphere, therefore their goal was to create a building with rational and emotional elements which give us inner peace and aids to heal patients. With this plan, they won the Health-care design contest of Mogyoród. 

The location

The area reacts to the terrain in a traditional village-style: the Fóti street follows along the valley, the sites with their long rural houses split into the hills. The area shows an ambivalent character: the terrain of downside is mostly horisontal, but the other part of the sites are hard to be built by houses.

Our excercise was to design a ’health-care house’ in about 500m2 with a possibility of expansion in 1000-1500 m2. To operate with the whole territory (~1500-2000m2) would cause too massive structure, therefore we decided to separate the territory apart two parts: the ’health-care house’ was set to the ’urban’ fabric and the expansion was found at backyard according to our plan.

Health-care house of Mogyoród - architects: Róbert Gál, Kristóf Attila Juhász

The function - ’Health-care house’

We deeply believe in the healing force of harmonic atmosphere. The match of rational and emotional parts of the house aids to heal patients, aids to be a healthy and whole person. Harmony also has to manifest itself outside: we made an affort to create the harmony of the building and their surroundings. Because of this reasons, we took care of the scale, so we separated the house into three parts: GP’s surgery, dentist’s surgery and children’s surgery with health visitor’s office. For this three functions we planned two blocks with pitched roof, so we hope so our building be able to associate organically with the vernacular appearance of the village.

The two blocks create two courts, one of these is a parking area, the other one is a conventional garden. The two blocks join each other with a porch, what playing with nature and the village, inner and outer space.

Health-care house of Mogyoród - architects: Róbert Gál, Kristóf Attila Juhász


Social house - expansion

The backyards is offered to be a home of the social functions in the future. Social functions mean martin house and nursing home. These are in a different dimension of life, so we had to handle these in a different way. Despite of the cruel terrain, we chose the hillside to be a home of social block. In our opinion, the social house needs much more calmness and safety, it can reach these on the hill near to the sky, like a bird-nest as well.

Suggested function

According to our suggestion, the village needs an establishment to lonely eldery people and young couples have not proper real estate. The mixture of these two different type of people is an unexampled and interesting possibility of living together. According our conviction, this strange symbiosis would cause to eldery people to feel again the love of life, and young couples may learn how to being in a community like eldery people can do.

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