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The revitalization of the west side of the boating lake of Hajduszoboszló – A competition winner project

Hajduszoboszló is one of the most popular touristic target of Hungary thanks to having the biggest thermal bath in the country. The competition was to revitalize the west part of the boating lake’s beach, next to the bath which is the most important part of Hajduszoboszló. 



This area used to be a part of the bath, therefore there used to be a fence around the lake, but in the future this part of the beach is going to be opened and everyone will be able to visit it.


The environment of the lake is beautiful now, it has a lot of valuable natural elements and it is in a very good condition. In our plan we used these advantages and our aim was to preserve the natural environment. It was important for us to introduce the values of the place, to show where the land and the water meet each other. That is why we planned to build docks and terraces above the water. It was another task for us to connect the lake with the street across the park. We ended up planning a wave shaped line that integrates the walking paths, the new coffee and commercial place, the big terrace and the street furniture. We wanted to open new points of view therefore the coffee place got a viable flat roof from where one can see the lake from a higher perspective.


We also planned to build a Kneppl path, pith with bridge, net-like climbing stick, permeable spiral sculpture and wooden sphere in between the already exiting trees. These can make the environment divers and help to spend a quality time in this park.
Our project won a shared first price on the competition.


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