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The proof of the pudding - Sample Central Test Store, Budapest

The first test store of Europe was opened in Budapest, in Gozsdu-court, where the operation system is based on a new business policy coming from Australia. However, this time not only the method different from any common one can be tested but also the dynamic, youthful, clear architectural design completed after the concept of Dávid Béla Papp. Though in terms of the interior design only a few and rather general demands arrived from the Australian owner through the Hungarian representative, the applied architectural solutions try to help the new, guided system of the store's use. The red and anthracite gray stripes of arrival and departure are united in one logo painted on the floor in the center of the store space; and this little play breaks the sterility of the white synthetic resin floor, white walls and ceiling. The design of the built-in furniture was also part of the assignment, and in case of the used materials the architect was looking for a modern, unconventional solution so the curved furniture was made of the extremely diverse and varicolored acrylic panels for this reason.

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