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The new life of a Villa in Buda: expansion and reconstruction

Krisztina Fülöp's favourite genre is transformation: when you have to join a story or continue it. While designing the expansion and reconstruction this villa in Buda, the architects could hear plenty of stories from the old times which gave them lots of help with the new concept. 

With the demand for the reconstruction along we get a story that began a long time ago. In order to be able to relate to these stories, we have to dig deep to the bottom of „dramaturgy”.

That means to reserach the building’s past in detail (documents from the Archives, old sketches, history) and the present: what has remained. what is it’s present value. Based on all these, the task is to create situation in the space, which can add to it and the history and values start to be living.
Important to keep in mind at which point and with which materials we can reach that potential tension, which makes (and keeps) the endresult fresh.
That was out of question but to keep the old art-nouveau-style doors&windows and the original starcase aswell. Out of a miraculous reason, the staircase remained whole, while around it everything has been demolished structurally under the construction.

From an architectual point of view the old and new mansion separate accented. Quite the opposite is inside: the accomodation is undivided. The design speaks the same language in the old and in the new parts. The interior design reveals a timelessness, an ageless modern ambience. The generous architectual openings are followed by the new inner doors & windows, which are more of a wall-panel (all unique designed), so in terms of detail-finishing they count more to the furniture.

As the result of the expansion the old villa became one storey higher, so the old stairase had to be extended. The vertical axis is more accented now. The orginal and classical wood-staricase is followed by the a new one with a modern material. The surface of the new stair follows the old one, also made of massive oak. The handhold is sinked into the wall, the inner handrail is a modern skinny version of the old one.

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