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The new element of „Insula Lutherana”, Soltvadkert - plan of a Lutheran kindergarten

Gabriella Mészáros and her associates prepared the plan of a new kindergarten to the 'Lutheran Island' of Soltvadkert, namely to the area between the church and the community house. The reserved conception of neutral mass formation is integrated to a heterogeneous environment, and the plan was awarded with unranked remuneration in the 'Metal sheet cover in architecture 2012' competition organized by PREFA. In the mass design of the kindergarten of 5 groups the architects tried to create a house that architecturally fits the existing complex of buildings belonging to the Lutheran congregation and forms one unity with them. The use of materials are typical of plaster and stone covered footing, while the metal cover of the roof can be explained by the environment of listed buildings as well as by the aim for neutral and reserved mass formation. Beyond the functional and aesthetic aspects, the architects laid great emphasis on orientation and accessibility too.

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