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The modernized market of Budafok

The Local Government of District XXI has planned to renew its outdated market for a long time, and also to develop such spaces that are suitable for performing community functions. The new, modern market of Budafok, which houses retail spaces too, was built by the design of András Kertész; and a new urban plaza is developed in place of the old, demolished building.

The special role of market places, their community-building and identity-creating power is a well-known fact. A market has great importance not only from commercial but also social, sociological, and even urban aspect. The Local Government of District XXI has long planned to establish a market close to the old one, which is newly built and adjusted to the cityscape, an also to create a connecting community space. The locals have recently taken possession of the Szomszédok Piaca (Market of Neighbors) again, which won the tender and was supported by the Tér_Köz competition as well as the square developed opposite to it, in order to fill this part of the city with life.

The submitted project element consisted of two parts. One of them was the complete rebuilding of the old, outdated market that had not fit into the cityscape, by relocating it to the government-owned site located opposite the old market, which plot was prepared with the demolition of old buildings. The other project element was to establish a new urban plaza in place of the old market place. In terms of scale, the new, modern market of Budafok, which fully meets the needs of the present age, has become practically equivalent to the old market; of course, by taking into account the coverage parameters and regulations of the available area. According to the project plan, the street section between the market and the square will be turned into a pedestrian precinct, which, depending on the future decisions, may be suitable for allowing an attenuated traffic pass through. In fact, the development of a new and attractive city center was the main goal.

The new place, called the ‘Market of Budafok Neighbors’ and the square opposite to it were realized by the design of András Kertész. The building, which is modern even by European standards, basically preserves the traditions of the market place, but at the same time it significantly improves the quality of customer services for the 25-30 retail spaces located here. In addition to the market, a 74-place surface parking was also designed, which relevantly improved the parking opportunities for the market and in general for the downtown too. The parking capacity can be expanded over time, since part of the current parking area can later be developed even to a two-storey structure.

The whole square is barrier-free, making it easy to get around even for people with disabilities. During the opening hours of the market, the concerned section of Játék Street can be closed down by he use of bollards, but after closing the market it can even be opened to traffic, allowing the ‘attenuated’ pass through can be, if necessary. The project also includes soft elements, some of which are carried out by the Local Government; while the remaining funding required for this purpose can be applied by the local civilians for the implementation of project-related cultural and gastronomic events, outdoor exhibitions, and educational activities. Due to the development, the market turnover is expected to liven up, and the commercial and catering units of the neighborhood will receive new impetus.

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