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The messaging role of glass on public places - András Bojti’s sculptures

The newest public plaza of Hódmezővásárhely was recently inaugurated, the landscape design of which was prepared by Land-A Landscape and Environment Design Studio and the architects of Puhl and Dajka Architect Office. András Bojti’s glass sculptures are also placed on the square, the creation of which was inspired by the buildings of István Janáky junior and senior and György Janáky.

Is it posjanékysible to integrate function, intellectual message and architectural concept? This plan was an experiment for it, hopefully in a way enjoyable for more and more people. In the park of Hódmezővásárhely there is a series of unique, minimalist, and colorful glass sculptures. The glass sculpture elements were placed into a meditative environment, taking into account the design of the 3 little fountains standing in a disciplined succession. The sculptor's intention was to create a coherent series of art rooting and developing from each other, which installation tries to bring a dominant, strong idea of another genre, namely that of architecture closer to the audience. In this vibrant environment, being landscaped with a modern approach and geometric planting, the piece of art tries to be site specific and at the same time to take part in the development of the cityscape as an intellectual creation, an integral part of the public park.

As an artist who is often working and thinking together with architects, the sculptor tried to experience, imagine and abstractly transform into a sculpture the process of a design concept arising and finally being formed in a functional building. The composition consist of two hollow glass columns being similar, but different in sizes, placed in a strict geometric order, interconnected at right angles. Visitors walking around the sculpture will always see a new face of the “hidden dimensions”. Colored spots created by various techniques evoke the tone of brick architecture.


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