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The Léhűtő (=loafer OR liquid-cooler)

The Léhűtő is a really special place, it is small, but the consumable things lined up there – either visual or liquid pleasures – are in a huge selection. We present the design of Gáspár Bonta, Dániel Eke and György Radnai.

Not the return ratios are the primary aspects, but the number of faces softened by small-scale beer. At every design work, the architects try to reveal a complex picture in order to reassure themselves.

They draw a kind of 'straight labyrinth' where they can find their way around regarding the technical and intellectual requirements of the place, to know which way they should start. It was evident for them that in this facility, which promotes craft brewing and hides in a building bearing Art Nouveau virtues, there was no place for tradition-following architectural gestures if they had not want to make kitsch. However, they do not want to.

For this reason they moved the small space, created with homogenous background and many compromises, out of the basic space directions; this way they wove it to an interior of manageable scale.

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