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The completed 'Rolling Stones'

In Pécs, the Science Building was completed under the direction of Bachman & Bachmann Architect Studio by the plans of the young architect team attending the University's Doctoral School. Their goal was to present the new possibilities hidden in the state of the art architecture and also to give an example how the architectural and mechanical elements of eco-architecture and sustainability can prevail within the system of an intelligent house. During the functional study, the architects realized that three buildings of nearly the same (cubic) shape have to be created, the first and second ones of which are connected with a public space that hosts a lecture hall as well, while the second and the third ones are linked with the indispensable element of university campuses: the 'bridge of sighs'. In this case the so called eco-house system was further developed in a way where the three building parts of the same mass are supplied with three different energy sources in order to make their efficiency measurable and controllable for comparison. The building mechanical tubes of large radius were placed on the facade of the building while the architects put the huge equipmentswith special management on top of the buildings and in this way they managed to save 2000m2 floor area.

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