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Tale about a multi-units house

One of the biggest problems with blocks of flats is that they do not adapt to changing life of individuals. According to Dániel Ungerhofer, we should move the houses, instead of moving ourselves. 

"I've been living in this house for almost 32 years. I have moved here alone once. I was the first resident of the apartment. In the past, this building was a factory warehouse. But after that, when the industrial company left this area, this storage became a living place. That flat was in the highest floor, from there, you can overlook the old town. They were very good times. You know ... A young single's beginning the adult life. My apartment was like a gateway house. All my friends really loved coming over to me. We had the coolest parties in the city on the roof terrace. Iggy Pop could have taken it. The biggest party was when we were 80 ... there was not enough place for everyone on the roof. So the party spread down to the lower levels. That night was when I met with Betty for the first time. I remember, we were looking each other secretly... but the guys were always around her ... But once I noticed that she was finally alone... That was my moment. But you know, we were standing above the city, at night, the party lights, silent jazz in the background ... Even if I had gone to her with the the worst words, it would have been a magical moment too ...After a long time, Betty was the first girl who mesmerized me.

A year and a half later, Betty moved into my flat. So we had to built the gallery level. It was super because bed fitted, plus a table and a small cupboard on there. So it was a very liveable space for us. I often have to take my job home, but I could look down while I was working, and I saw Betty in the kitchen or practising yoga or reading books. So we was in contact.

There is a smart phone application for the house. You can share your plans with others in the period of 5-10-20 years, or the size of the apartment you will need. There is also a residential community contract, which provides pre-emptive rights for home purchase. With the help of that, we moved to the third floor, a double apartment because we knew we would soon have a baby. And for of us could easily fit in such an apartment.

The years have passed ... Two children were born. They grew up in health. Peter, the elder moved to the capital. Luca, the younger, just completed university. She had imagined her future in Győr, we split the apartment apart. She could stay in one half, Betty and me in the other half. It went easily. The mechanical and electrical wires were already in the walls. You know this house was designed considering the changing needs of people... so that we only had to build a wall. You know, my parents at that time could not afford to get an apartment for me... and checking the price of the apartments, I would not have had enough money for it neither. However, with a little investment we could give our daughter an apartment. Do you know how good it feels?!"

One of resident from the house
Győr, 2045.08.12.

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