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Szupernova in Őrség

There is no fence or house number plate; and the summer residence in Őrség, recently completed by the plans of the Szupernova Design group, is mentioned as Gandhi House even by the postman, with reference to the former owner. The converted building looks like a traditional farmhouse outside, while inside it is the collecting place of carefully selected objects.

The team has several ties to rural life, mostly to Őrség. György Szkladányi is linked to the region by his family, but also his creative partner Gábor Szabó spent much time here. The members and their growing families had rented a holiday home for years, but eventually they purchased a ruined farmhouse in the center of Őriszentpéter. 

The old adobe house was renovated to fit their holiday needs. In essence, the new design of the existing building was treated freely. They modified the internal structure of the traditional farmhouse, opened the spaces together, removed parts of the partition walls, and opened the slab towards the roof. By widening the veranda the architects created a terraced entrance from where the house can be entered via a glazed lobby. A traditional neon sign was placed on one façade of the house which fundamentally preserved its original external features. Inspite of its openness, the interior seeks intimacy, and family memories are echoed everywhere.

The house was decorated with plenty of objects collected from here and there, well reflecting the group's passion. In the middle of the bathroom there is an attractive, aesthetic bathtub and a light tube with skylight above, thus natural light floods the room. Above it a children’s playing place can be found, accessible by ladder. In this house the present is mixed with the polished, repainted past. Local materials were used during construction. The heated summer house built for their own purpose reflects the general interior design concept of the Szupernova: to bring the countryside to the city and in return, to engage the city with the countryside.



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