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Sustainable block redevelopment

Bálint Dőry's final project is the sustainable redevelopment of an inner city urban block in Budapest. The block's special feature is that, despite its central location, there is a currently under-utilized, large-scale and interconnected area inside it.

The block, in which my former high school is located as well, has a huge potential for revitalization thanks to a huge unbuilt area in it. My goal was to outline a possible scenario of development that is based on the co-operation of the different owners, institutions and the council in order to reach the maximum functional, financial and ecological potential. The project is based on an extensive reseach that touches on topics like the history of the neighbourhood, sociological and functional analyzation, local real estate and sustainable cities.



The project consists of an open block with a garden (hortus) in the middle to provide a calm outdoor space for residents and students of the closeby university and new funcions/buildings around it. As part of the development I designed a sports and representative hall as an extension of a listed historic building from the 19th century. The extension’s plan is derived from the geometry of the existing building. A courtyard and the sunk hall is located at the middle, surrounded by an arcade. The building with its pavilion-like facade behaves like the extension of the garden, indoor and outdoor spaces are merged. The vertical concrete colonnade facade is an elegant extension of the existing, classical facade.

Bálint Dőry

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