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Summer house in Kővágószőlős

Zoltán Bachman DLA and Ágnes Borsos architects designed a summer house to Kővágószőlős, a village near Pécs. 

The house is close to nature, sensitive and open to the landscape. The small outbuilding was constructed after 1950, and with a complete conversion and a small-scaled addition it became a cottage perfectly meeting today's demand.

Summer house in Kővágószőlős, photo: Ákos Mátételki

The basic architectural concept was to keep the small scale and the traditional design of the location. They intended for the minimum – required – extension of the existing building. The essence of the architectural solution is the set up of a terrace system, which doubled the 'useful floor area' of the house and created a transition zone between nature and built environment: four terraces with four different functions.

Summer house in Kővágószőlős, photo: Ákos Mátételki

The emphasis on the view is further strengthened by the layout of a space system organized around a central 'core'. The core hides the bathroom, part of the kitchen and the inner samba staircase. The entrance, living room, kitchen and children bedroom is arranged around the core. These spaces are overlapping, the rooms' boundaries are defined by the inner core and its character color (dark gray), intimacy is ensured by hidden sliding doors of the full room height.

Summer house in Kővágószőlős, photo: Ákos Mátételki

Comfort is an important element of the concept, but it is not reflected in an increase of floor space, instead in the use of timeless materials and modern HVAC equipment, which also helps the simple usage.


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