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Suggestive symmetry

Convey the feeling at first sight – in the case of the Multicontact Consulting office’s makeover, the Level Up Office Design team was commissioned with the task to create a space that is capable of this. 

During the design of the new office, it was of the utmost importance to create a place which could adequately represent the high standards provided by the company for many years; and at the same time offer an inspiring workplace for the employees, appropriate to carry out a responsible job.

Accordingly, the interior designers placed a great emphasis on the unique appearance of the customer meeting rooms and management offices. It was especially important that arriving at the office would provide a lasting experience, this effect is served by the central, geometric reception desk wedged between the symmetrical office wings and the attached customized lighting panels. 

The colleagues work in an open-air office, however, several project rooms were designed to help the focused individual or smooth the teamwork. Similarly, sound-proof rooms are also designed to create undisturbed working conditions. The various community spaces (restrooms, bistro-style dining and cafe) serve as a platform for recreation and informal conversations. With their cheerful colors, playful and comfortable design, they allow true relaxation. Unique interior design elements and furniture were designed for furnishing and lighting.




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