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design works made by students of architecture, diploma works

Wine connects us - the Budafok Winehouse

Located at the intersection of main streets, the Winehouse in Budafok is a cultural centre for the area that has a rich history with viniculture. The plan for this building has an eclectic style and use of materials. The project is made by architect student Andor Pákh.

Convent in the woods

There is a trench in the woods between Nagyvázsony and Pula, the quiet site provides for a calm intimate separation from the world. A creek surrounded by indigenous trees is the proposed place for the convent designed by Ágnes Faragó, Máté Gerges and Anikó Kazsoki, students of the Szent...

Music Center

"The theme I have chosen for my thesis project was a music hub located near the center of Debrecen, Hungary. My project is connected to the already existing „musical infrastructure” as well as the soon to-be-built filharmonic centre." - says Blanka Bató