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design works made by students of architecture, diploma works

Alternative Housing for Foreign Students

Neither a dormitory, nor a rented room, nor a hostel: the diploma-work of Márta Kiss is almost all of them. The theme of the plan was the conversion of the former ruin pub, the Mumus into an Erasmus center, with the aim of finding an alternative solution to two general questions such as...

Beekeeping Training Facility

The diploma-work of Patrik Futó focuses on the beekeeping tradition in Gödöllő with the help of a plan made for an institution for educational and conservatory fuctions. The imagined buildings are made of natural materials and assimilate into the campus already installed in the area.

Vanished, But Not Forgotten

The diploma-work of Luca Rádler builds on the real longing for a once popular thermal bath in Lepence. Ever since it closed 10 years ago, the locals have been preoccupied with its reopening, which should not come as a surprise, as its easily accessible location, perfect view and, most...

Wolf Pit

By subverting its own name, the design of Csenge Kővári uses the concept of trapping wolves for a scientific research center, whose aim is to protect the species. The plan strives for hierarchy and strictness — just like a pack.


Daniel Ungerhofer wanted to remodel the casemates in Győr as his diploma-work while keeping the city's interesting cultural background alive and install an art school underground.