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design works made by students of architecture, diploma works

The World Around Us

The diploma-work of Lilla Zurai is a knowledge center for the natural sciences, in which each auditorium and room reflects its function. The aim of the architect student was to design an inviting place whose connection to learning is not only functional but essential.

Institutional Model for the Elderly

There is too much left to the nuclear family when it comes to elderly care, even though social institutions could not only care for and accommodate this growing portion of the populace, but entertain and reintegrate, teach and keep them busy. The diploma-work of Dániel Kis could be a...

Vulnerable Architecture as Ephemeral Fossil

What would it be like if we built structures being well aware that they were to be demolished by natural forces? This praxis could not be further away from western culture. However, the award-winning diploma-work of Luca Petrányi is an attempt to make our way of architectural thinking accept...