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design works made by students of architecture, diploma works

Redesigning the Bear Park of Veresegyház

Decsi Dániel Richárd redesigns the Bear Park of Veresegyház in his thesis. His goal is to create an animal park where people can relax and animals have better living conditions. With the developments the Bear Park receives a dignified architectural environment which are able to increase the...

Play and learning outdoors in the Arctic

There is a nation far in the North, fighting for their rights to live freely on their ancestors’ lands and to use their own language. Ana Habijanec and Totto Tamas Ratkai, two master students of Aalborg University (Denmark), made a proposal for a Sámi Forest Kindergarten in order to help the...

Children's home on an extreme terrain

What type of architectural functions and values should be present in a children's home? How could the built environment help to create a feeling of belonging and safeness? Fanni Gárdos, architecture student is looking for the answers to these questions.