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design works made by students of architecture, diploma works

For Every Season

Rudolf Wehofer's diploma-work is an attempt to incorporate a calm recreational place - with a ski lift and dining option - in Normafa that is not overshadowed by the surrounding nature but respects its context in the meantime.

Sound Under Ground

Miklós Dormán has long been frustrated by the shortage of musical venues in the city center of Budapest, so much so, that he decided to design one, which can house various upcoming bands an provide a suitable acoustic experience for them and their crowd. 

Shelter House in Tiszalök

In her diploma-work, Zsófia Szatmári intended to solve a real problem. She designed a Shelter House, whereby parents and their children, who have been subjected to domestic violence, are given the chance to escape from and get out of their environment. 

Water, sticks and houses

Transylvania is also suffering from today's migration. Hence, the question arises, how could one act against this phenomenon by using the aforesaid industry. There's a mineral water bath and a barn which houses dance and gastronomic programmes. Norbert Szilágyi in his diploma proposes a...

Elegant sheet music

It looks as if a sheet music is formed by the zigzag form of the roof. The lamellas, ensuring a playful appearance, and the view of the U-shaped inner court from the interior enhance the quality of the space experience. In her diploma-work – which received Marcel Breuer Diploma Award –...