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Structural Rhythm - Lela Apartment & Residence

Péter Tuskán and Kristóf Tihanyi received the commission to design a high-profile, lakeside apartment building in Balatonlelle in 2015. Beyond utilizing the site in an economically feasible way, the Client required a design that took advantage of the lakeside view and offered tenants spacious, versatile balconies connected to the apartments. 

The mass of the building is based on a trapezoid frame with open-air corridors running along the inner side, connecting the apartments arranged along the three lake facing sides. The northern and the southern sides are breached so the central courtyard opens up. This gesture allows for a more articulated lake-facing facade, essentially breaking up the trapezoidal frame into two L-shaped wings. Tenants arrive in the central court via a passageway from the direction of the parking lot. This passage is visually extended towards the lakeside through a glazed lobby.

The facades of the building have two different character. While the elevations of the inner courtyard and the southern side are more utilitarian, the lake-facing facades of the building are composed of the wave-like, continuous strips of balconies. The glazed railing offer minimal distraction of the view, and at the same time the constantly changing shadows and reflections give the building a crystal-like quality. The repeating geometric pattern of the waves and the bronze partitions dilute the volume of the building.

Péter Tuskán, Kristóf Tihanyi 

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