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Strange exterior on a family house

Sándor Makrai designed a lovely, compact and modern family house on the Buda hills. The architect and the costumer-constructor (Zoltán Sohodóczki) invented a unique cover made of stone and beside this, the splendid building has great energetic qualities.  

There was an old building in a not too large plot in Kelenvölgy, Hungary what had poor technical state. After its demolition, the owner Zoltán Sohodóczki and architect Sándor Makrai started to design and build something different: making a brand new, quality home. It wasn't the first time that they worked together, so the client trusted the architect with the planning - based on the previous good cooperation.

The result is a thoughtfully structured, well-functioning house that fully satisfies the needs of the costumers, moreover it shows the designer's signature. Its gross floor is 90 square meters, divided into 3 floors: there're some multifunctional spaces in the basement, there's a garage, a living room, a kitchen on the groundfloor, while the bedrooms and the sanitaries are on the first floor. Due to the strong slope of the land, the ground floor is rising, so there was an opportunity to create a loggia. 

Simplicity and bright colours characterise the interior, while the materials (limestone grit) and the shaded, big windows ensure the building's unique look and unforgettable look. What's more, there are solar panels on the roof! 





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