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Store and residential building

Building into an empty plot is a classic urban task and due to its genre faces a lot of restrictions. Csaba Szakál and his team designed the multifunctional building on a Székesfehérvár plot.

The client wishes to have fourteen flats and a dividable two-storey-shop. Access to the shops is from the front. Access to the flats, garage and storage is from the back. In the deep garage under the building are parking spaces and storage. The garage and storage are divided by a fire wall.

The plan is to have a light-grey façade and for ledges and wall pillars covered by anthracite, grey granite plates. The less-pronounced façade at the back will have a simple, plastered, smooth surface. Doors and windows will have a slight green-greyish glass.

The house will have eight levels from the garage to the attic space. It is placed on a 600 square metre plot and with its 16.5 metre height will not stick out radically from Székesfehérvár downtown buildings.

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