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Square design with art-deco style

The angled walls were the basic element to the creation of the further interior design. From an interior design point of view Judit Dóró puts the emphasis on the angled walls which is visible in certain floor and wall coverings. Regarding the materials and the shapes she uses, the industrial geometrical style was softened by a little bit of art-deco curves and mood lighting.

The ground floor living space was made interesting and eventful by the harmonization of different design elements. The inner space atmosphere relies on the smoked oak materials, on the greyish floor covering and on the different shades of blue. The main element of space creation was putting emphasis on square parts that I achieved by using suspended ceilings, square concrete 3D wall covers, square patterned textures and geometrical door panels. The fireplace and the wardrobe in the hall were arranged into one unit. These two fitted into the trapeze square like a column, breaking the size of the space and providing a sense of special hierarchy. The square design appears in the dining area as well, on the cold steel legs of the design table. In the hall the console table also has a very determinative shape. 

To balance out the hard, cold feeling I used a huge semicircle soft sofa and fitting pouffes. I further softened the atmosphere with big round shaped crystal lamps and as a tool of softening I used soft textiles and additional design elements. Choosing the tones of the colors created an interesting game, the cooler earth shades (smoked oak, grey and dark blue) mixed with metal colors (rose gold, a little bit of orange and beige). This also softened the slightly industrial appearance. The crystal chandeliers allow a tiny piece of art-deco inside the house and the space and atmosphere becomes an attractive, livable, comfortable home. The main motives appear in the kitchen bar as well.

The staircase has a 3D concrete element which connects the two floors in a unique way that allows the motive to appear in a more emphasized way on the upper floor. This wall is part of the whole unified picture together with the plant bar and the decorative lights. While the ground floor is mainly inspired by dark blue and earth colors, the parental bedroom has several brown shades spiced up with orange and bronze. The room with many windows would have been too bright for a bedroom so I was brave enough to use a more full toned wallpaper where the basic style elements appear again with orange shade patterns. The geometric design on the textiles is matching the wallpaper. The design element used on the doors returns again on the media panel. From the bedroom we can enter the wardrobe which has a variation of mirror and vitrine surfaces. The glass sliding door smoothly separates the two spaces from each other. The double sink surface and the storage spaces still give us a light impression because of their floating fixtures. The mood lighting and the round chandelier enhances the room-like appearance.  


Judit Dóró

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