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plans of projects for sports, recreation and leisure

MTK Stadium - plan by the Medmic Center

The competition oriented a proposal for a new stadium design according to customers' needs. At the same time the MTK Club waiting for proposals to clarify and improve the direct surroundings. On these premises had to be created buildings, wich assist the sports and cultural goals, facilities of...

Football Stadium for the MTK Football Club

A Football Stadium for the MTK Football Club to house a football academy and 5000 fans around the center field. In this competition entry the architects have put the following criteria in front of then to meet with their design. This is a 100-year-old club with a lot of heritage to preserve...

New MTK stadium - the plan of the sporaarchitects and azpml

The proposal for the new MTK stadium is aimed to provide adequate FIFA compliant facilities for the team, while producing also an urban infrastructure for the city of Budapest. Rather than proposing extravagant forms to gain attention, the sporaarchitects and azpml believe that the best branding...

National Tennis Training Centre

The location is at Budapest, Óbuda, a site which used to be the Mining Company’s tennis center and currently is the National Tennis Training Center with 9 outdoor tennis courts ( both clay and hard) and one indoor hard court under a metal covered barrel vault.