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plans of projects for sports, recreation and leisure

House with a Hundred Rooms – The Symbol of Progress

Paradigma Ariadné’s proposal to the new building complex of MTK football academy with its almost hundred rooms is the representation of progress mirroring the objective of the football academy, which is to provide the institutional background for children development and advancement in...

Transparent community space

Péter Márkus's plans prepared for the tender of the Swimming Pool Design Contest of Etelka sor in Szeged. The main concept was to open the swimming pool and make it transparent to the street and to the surrounding housing estate. Transparency creates a community space which is able to...

The New Budapest Velodrome, all thews and sinews

The BIVAK group's (Áron Vass-Eysen, Tamás Máté) plan for the New Budapest Velodrome is a perfect example of assimilating and reflecting on the environment and cultural history upon constructing a building. With the jury's words: "The dynamic design that uses a structural language similar...

Hourglass, as a symbol for sports

The project of Dániel Menczelesz shows an hourglass, because " [in] the rowing or canoeing sports [...] people compete with each other and in addition to fighting with the finest opponent, the time".