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projects related to sports, recreation and leisure

Indoor swimming pool - Győr

There will be a new sport center in the downtown of Győr and its first element is a new swimming pool designed by Attila Bodrossy and the Dimenzió Office. With its metallic structure the new building fits well in the unfortunate favored environment.

Pancho Arena

The first building of the complex to be finished was the dormitory. Centered on the reconstruction of a former noble residence, the work was based on plans by Imre Makovecz, the central figure of Hungarian organic architecture. This was followed by the inauguration of the professional and...

FTC stadium

FTC is one of the most successful football clubs in Hungary. Since the club's foundation 110 years ago, the team has won 28 Hungarian Championships, and in 1965 the UEFA Cup. The existing stadium was built in 1974. Due to the stadium's condition and the inability to increase its capacity, the...