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projects related to sports, recreation and leisure

Swimming Pool next to Tuskecsarnok

The TSPC company's architects, Tamás Pintér and Mihály Kádár set a goal to create a mass, that represents both the simplistic design and create thorn-like masses, after the name of the building (Tüske means Thorn in hungarian).

Fitness for disabled people

The architects of Noppa Design took part in a special project: they designed the interior and graphic for free to SUHANJ! Fitness which is an integrative gym for disabled and healthy people as well.

A hint of modern: Soportcenter in Csomád

The leadership of Csomád, Hungary is dedicated toward architectural quality. The Sportscenter which was designed by József Kolossa and András Weiszkopf is the first phase of the local sport area development. Due to its dynamic, simple design, the new building stands out among the pitched roof...

Indoor swimming pool - Győr

There will be a new sport center in the downtown of Győr and its first element is a new swimming pool designed by Attila Bodrossy and the Dimenzió Office. With its metallic structure the new building fits well in the unfortunate favored environment.