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projects related to sports, recreation and leisure

Set on Track - TVE Sports Centre

In 2017 the citizens of Óbuda came into possession of the new recreation centre of the Sports, Gymnastics and Fencing Association of District III. The comprehensive revival of the sports complex contains the educational swimming pool, running tracks and sports fields, as well as the new...

Steel-spirited Stadium in Miskolc

KÖZTI Architects has entirely remodeled an old stadium in Miskolc with the help of reinforced concrete and steel structural elements. The new building has the capacity to accommodate nearly 15000 people and celebrate the regional fascination with football games.

Palatinus lido reconstruction

The entrance and main building of the Palatinus lido has become an emblematic building of the Hungarian modern architecture. The original design was characterized by a clear, rational system. Archikon studio's task was to restore the original volumes and the architectural looks, furthermore to...

An Icon on the Danube Bank

Duna Aréna, made by Marcel Ferencz DLA and György Détári DLA [Napur Architect Co.] has a rational structure, meanwhile, it imitates the flow of the Danube. "Spaces flowing into one another feature the interior of the Aréna. The central skylight impresses us as if we were looking upward...

Acting Colours - the new National Tennis Centre

Ever since modernism, it is always risky to create a colorful building that preserves its dignity. This was especially true for the National Tennis Centre that had to present a graceful, elite vibe, while transmitting playfulness. Géza Kendik architect of this plan has certainly managed to...

Swimming Pool next to Tuskecsarnok

The TSPC company's architects, Tamás Pintér and Mihály Kádár set a goal to create a mass, that represents both the simplistic design and create thorn-like masses, after the name of the building (Tüske means Thorn in hungarian).