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Snow-white villa in Debrecen

The villa in Debrecen, designed by Péter Kovács DLA, can be described as a tripartite building with transparent spaces, classical arrangement, total closure toward the street, and an immaculate whiteness. The building’s wall-like appearance is eased by the rotating blades. 

The location is the suburb of Debrecen, where once there were long narrow plots with houses at the front. The client has his own binding to this area, so finally he has figured out how to place here a villa with a larger floor area: he simply bought 3 narrow pieces of land. „The designer's dream is a client who has sufficient intelligence and aesthetic sense, who gives the architect a free hand in shaping the concept and who can "build" the building as well.” – the architect says. 

The concept is based on the tripartite building, where the exterior, interior and transitional spaces are organized in a transparent way. This linking element works as the “living” zone. The children's room, bedroom and bath are oriented to the south, while on the north side there are work-related functions: the kitchen, library and study room. The triple system evokes the system of the three former plots too. Also, the old bourgeois villas in Debrecen were typical of their tripartite organization and symmetry. The organizing element is the central two-storey spatial system that ends in a pool. The building is completely closed toward the street and fully opened in direction of the garden. The light floods the building, and the wall-like closed character is relieved by the rotating blades. The most exciting part of the house is the library opening to the inner courtyard on the ground floor. The house expresses wealth wishing to reflect modesty, which approach today works also as a lifestyle in the Nordic democracies.


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