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Show Apiary at the Gate of the Alföld

In his diploma-work, Endre Dér designed a multifunctional local manufactory, which includes a sample shop, a family-scale show apiary, community rooms, guest rooms, beekeeping, and medical facilities.

The location is a clearing with scrubs and trees, surrounded by forests and fields. In the development plan, however, there are parking lots and recreation plots to be established. In selecting the site, the main aspects were the good natural conditions and the ability to maintain operation in the facility both permanently and on the move. The manufactory aims to participate in the city's circulation in three main ways: by creating a quality local product, and through health tourism and education.

Bird's Eye View - architect: Endre Dér


The building is placed between a forest with different tree species and the existing grove. The sample shop plays a representative role, oriented towards the main direction of approach. The mass behind the shop is articulated in accordance with the different functions. Next to the shop, there is the apiculture plant, sited with a transverse axis to the farm courtyard and to the small houses placed among the trees. Behind the plant, the kitchen and community section can be found, giving the soul of the building complex. Both the community spaces and the guest rooms have a more intimate, woody environment with panoramic views.

The two masses are separated from each other, however, the terrace between them, a hawthorn tree and a porch along the entire building establish continuity of the units. The grid of the guest house includes a semi-open community space, into which a path of clustered healing rooms and hive houses is joined. This path runs to the main building over a lake.

Inner court - architect: Endre Dér


The form treasury of the building is traditional, its spatial structure is contemporary, and the structural design is modern. In the use of materials, durability and recyclability were given high priority. The manufactory enriches the area with new features. It creates local value and jobs, and at the same time, joining the city's blood circulation with its operation. The building complex utilizes and amplifies natural conditions, providing physical and psychological recreation for all ages.

Endre Dér


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