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Románia [19]

Steeple, Székelyudvarhely

The steeple in Székelyudvarhely, designed by Zsolt Várday is a composition of two sculptural monoliths forming the gate towards the sacred ground of the churchyard. It follows the local building traditions: placed on top of the hill and raised upon the minimum standards. 

When mansion meets the wood workshop

How do we renovate our monumental buildings? How should we start? What function should we give to the building? It's always difficult to answer such questions. Eszter Rusz-Ajtony in her diploma would like to answer the economic, social and cultural problems of the local community in Altorja...

Lodge in a Glade - Sustainable Home in Harghita

As an almost entirely self-reliant home, the alternative family house designed by István Benedek (blipsz) on the hills of Harghita, has some state-of-the-art solutions for sustainability. Its inner contemporary techniques are also present in its outline and shape as the barn-like structures...

Protective Shelter For Roman Ruins

Protective building above Roman ruins, inspired by the Transylvanian landscape, Roman soldiers and the former commander building in the work of András Cseh, Gergely Galántai, Ádám Karlovecz, Áron Farkas Lévay. The location is Mikháza, once a border fortress of the Roman Limes in Dacia,...