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Rom Incubator Park

Housing for Rom communities in Europe is a common problem. The segregation and creation of slums do have an economical, social and urban importance. The relationship between this ethnic group’s history and culture and the other various ethnic groups is decisive.

Housing for Rom communities in Europe is a common problem. The segregation and creation of slums do have an economical, social and urban importance. The relationship between this ethnic group’s history and culture and the other various ethnic groups is decisive.

Tens of thousands of Rom families are living in one or two - bedroom houses, hoping that something better will happen once. It is impossible to manage this situation alone and as the soul weakens, the living conditions are getting worst. Rom communities would need help to relieve the frustration that is present in every family and every home. Solving this problem requires a lot of time and our help as well. In order to create a viable strategy for the progression of this community, which could become reality, we have to study and analyze the upcoming problems from various point of views.


Rom Incubator Park, Tóth Tünde, 2019.

My diploma deals with a Rom community from Carei, Romania and especially with the Teremi Street’s Rom settlement. The local council and the Integration Center received tender founds which would help to create a new distinct near to the Integration Center with social houses, community and social buildings for the Romes. The idea of this masterplan is to create this new distinct as a part of the city which will promote the Romes integration to the other communities.

With my plan, I tried to give an architectural response to this tender and a solution against Rom segregation by taking into account the needs of all local people, which set up an operational model that would allow the new distinct to remain viable without depreciation.

Interviews, researches
In order to get a real and credible view of the current situation of the settlements, I studied several Hungarian and foreign examples and conducted a personal tour of four Romanian Rome settlements.
By visiting each settlement, inspecting and surveying the houses, and listening to the residents, I was able to get a comprehensive view of their thinking that greatly helped me designing my plan.

Rom Incubator Park, Tóth Tünde, 2019.


Design process / Model solutions
The planning started with a large-scale design that includes four major function groups:

a. Social Assistance Unit
b. Community Center / Library / Internet room
c. Nursery / Sports ground
d. Family house area (Incubator Houses)

From the very first moment, I allocate major importance on developing a new, coherent urban distinct that is well connected to the existing street network and buildings. It was really important for the new development to provide its users a safe, enjoyable atmosphere, so the buildings are surrounded with plenty of trees forming a park.

In the next step the planning area was narrowed, focusing only to the Social Assistance Unit and the Community Center. The access to the buildings is through the grove, by trails coming from the new bus stop.

The Social Building Unit consists of three equally displaced cubes and a porch that joints them. The educational nature of this unit is also important, because these functions are not currently available in their homes. The first house is a communal kitchen, the second is a DIY and storage room, and the last one is a water block where they can have a shower.

It was also important for me that the coherence and the togetherness to be included in the mass forming as a pattern. The function of the large, continuous roof which covers and brace the open and closed spaces, is to create well-used transition spaces.

The Community Center has been designed as a longhouse which separates the colonial world of the past but connects it with the new incubator zone at the same time. The house has two enclosed cores and two open porches. The smaller core is downstairs for a library and reader, while upstairs is to give free access to the Internet.

The larger core serves as a multifunctional space completed with a stage, while the facade opening on the south side of the building serves as an outdoor stage and the porch as an auditorium.


Rom Incubator Park, Tóth Tünde, 2019.


Structure / Architecture design
The design of both buildings is about simplicity and functionality, so the structural design is a simple tectonic construction, brick walls, wooden scissors.
These buildings represent architectural significance through their simplicity and through the choice of the materials, providing a neutral frame that is saturated with colour and life during use.
The choice of materials and colours avoids new eye - catching trends. Durable materials are used, for example white and honey-yellow plastered walls, colourful industrial resin flooring and anthracite trapezoidal panelling.

I hope that with my diploma project I was able to draw attention to the seriousness of the existing problems. I believe that I have been able to provide a possible answer to the situation at Carei that can greatly give a positive vision for the residence of the city and for those who are studying this plan.


Tóth Tünde


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