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Residential building in the mountains-contextures

We represent a forest house interpreted by its designers: István Huszti and Judit Karácsony. In their perception the house is a fine texture of layers, sensible and contemporary nature home.

The mountains and forests have a specific stratification according to the vegetation of the certain habitat. These layers interweave each other and form a constantly changing web.

The stratification can be abstracted as independent geometric shapes, color levels, typical formations, but they also can be linked to experiences as subjective relations. The house is created by the contexture of load-bearing structures, glass surface of windows and a glass facade skin with special ornaments.

Both the surfaces and the volumes are woven through each other, following their own functional and structural logic as well as the texture of the environment. The ornamented glass is a glued-layered construction, the pattern is drawn by etching in different depth between the glass layers in an abstract replica of the local vegetation.

As a reaction to humidity, different lighting condition and reflections, the multilayer, etched glass structure gives an always changing 'living' surface.


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