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buildings for research and development purposes

An Optimized Shape -Transformer

"István Kistelegdi has created yet another complex prototype with Spring Point Energy House, which is a model for sustainability and energy-efficiency in every single component, even though it appears to have a light and airy structure." - states Dávid Bán. 

Laser Centre in Szeged

A research center was established in Szeged for studying the basic physical issues of the 21st century, and the elemental interaction of light and matter. The architect, Géza Szőkedencsi had to create a platform and an enduring place for research and inspiration. 

TPA laboratory and office building

The new building of Strabag, the TPA laboratory serves both concrete and asphalt lab as well as an office - all arranged on two levels. The new building was planned by the Óbuda Építész Studio led by Krisztián Olbert

Allwater Pavilion - when Bricks are Drops

Allwater Pavilion is an experimental building, which was built to explore the potential and importance of ‘Water House’ on architecture and sustainable design. ‘Water House’ building is a hybrid construction system, in which water is contained in an (opaque/transparent) solid core, the...

The completed 'Rolling Stones'

In Pécs, the Science Building was completed under the direction of Bachman & Bachmann Architect Studio by the plans of the young architect team attending the University's Doctoral School. Their goal was to present the new possibilities hidden in the state of the art architecture and also to...